Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Forward Inside Three Hell

I have pretty solid forward outside threes. Okay, there's still a checking issue, but I can do them either direction, in pattern, and not from a stop.

Last year I had Forward Inside threes. They disappeared when the Knee Went Bad. Now Miss Bianaca is all serious and everything about  getting them back. Most of the time I'm a serious and mature skater but when it comes to FI3, I'm all like this...

while Miss Bianca is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. She has a technique fore teaching FI3.

a. Push off onto an inside edge and place the free foot in the T-position, with a slightly open free leg.
b. As you do the turn hold the free leg so that as the skating foot finished the turn the free foot ends up parallel to the skating foot.
c. Move your hips in the turn.

I'm apparently a 'hip flinger'. When I do the three turn I do it al with my upper body and the hips kind of get pulled around at the last minute. This makes the shoulders of my 3 turn flat on the exit edge, and sometimes I can actually get a hook on the three turn.  This is because I've got stiff hips. I'm not proud about it, it's just that I worry more about my feet. My hips are on their own.

Still, about half the time I try, I can get a FI3 that works. Here's a video.

See, the hips are late in the turn.


  1. Your hips may be late, but the height of your jump is both impressive & intimidating.

    Colour me envious :-))

  2. I never had a problem with the right inside 3. It's the left that scared me. Until I started working on alternating 3's. Not sure why. Maybe I was concentrating on too many other things to worry about the turn, but it got me over my fear.

  3. The only forward 3 which I absolutely own right from the moment I step onto the ice, is the RFO3. I constantly study that good one, attempting to unlock its secret and thus extend it to the others but with limited success. The remaining forward 3s require constant attention and leave me alternating between joy, desire,envy and frustration. Same thing with jumps. Some days the timing is off and sometimes, almost surprisingly, it's good. I can never predict which pair of legs I've brought along to a given session 'til I'm actually on the ice.

  4. While I can't figure out what Ms. Bianca means regarding your free foot, I say just keep doing it. If it works, it works. And I believe you'll get those inside 3s back. As for those of you who can't do a LFI3, I feel your pain, except, make it a RFI3 and I'm right there with you. It's just not my best...