Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of the World and I'm at the Rink

I don't care if it's the end of the world....I'm going to try out the ice tomorrow and see if my knee has healed up enough to skate.

Nothing will deter me....

Not an invasion of WWII fighter planes
(that's a Spitfire in the upper left corner)
Not the Zombie Apocalypse

Only one thing can stop me from trying to skate tomorrow...only ONE THING!!!!

Aaaargh! Christmas ice tourists!!!!!


  1. Have fun and good luck! Wish I could be skating tomorrow... instead I will be moving boxes. Not nearly as much fun.

  2. Oh gosh the ducks are very terrifying lol!
    Take care of your knee! I'll be spending Earth's supposed last few hours at the rink too!

    1. It came true--I haven't seen a single Mayan since yesterday. Good luck on that uncaring ice tomorrow. Go early; the ice tourists will then mostly be at the mall shopping for aunt Tilly.

  3. I went ice skating last night on a public with some friends. Oh dear god in was awful! I've never actually skated on a true evening public session at my rink before. Sometimes, I'll go to the afternoon public, when it's deserted. 99% of the time, I'm on freestyle.

    The ice was CRAP! Like rattled my teeth, bumpy. And all those KIDS! ugh. So the picture of the tourists was about accurate last night. Then they turned off the lights to make it harder to see the little brats. Perfect.

  4. I tried an afternoon public today. I saw the elementary school group and just turned around. 40 plus kids, half of which with the skate trainer ( that quickly turn into bumper cars)- no thanks.