Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Congratulations to Miss Cheerleader!

I just found out that Miss Cheerleader passed her Silver MITF! That's probably the most demanding test of stamina from the perspective for adult skaters that there is. And even when she was working hard to get ready for her test (and I mean she was working really hard every session) she had time to encourage me.

Figure skating needs people like Miss Cheerleader. People like her make a rink a fun place to go.

So what's on the Silver moves test? (Videos here)

The Utterly Evil 8 step mohawk

Frequently fierce forward and backward cross strokes

Fervently ferocious forward outside/back inside three turns in the field

Agonizingly asymptotic Forward inside / back outside three turns in the field

Maliciously malevolent Forward right and left foot spirals

Vampiricly vicious Forward and Backward Power Change of Edge Pulls

I mean, a test like that, you need to be super-human to pass!

So Miss Cheerleader, here's your very own Congratulations Post!


  1. Thanks for the Congratulations! The more we help each other, the more we learn,and the quicker we can get to our goal(s).

  2. Congratulations to Bobbi! That's quite a set of skills to master, and something to be very proud of.

    Interesting, the USFS video URL that Babbette gave (above) has the pre-Bronze "Forward right and left foot spirals" skill listed and shown on video. This other USFS URL, http://www.usfsa.org/Shell.asp?sid=35082 , has videos of all the skills for all adult levels and lists and shows the correct "Consecutive Outside and Inside Spirals" for the Silver level.

  3. Congratulations to Miss Cheerleader (Bobbi?). I was every surprised to see the straight line spirals which I just did on the pre-bronze! So it should be the edge spirals, right?
    The dog is sooooo oh my gosh cute!

  4. Congratulations Bobbi! And thanks, Babette for letting the world know. I am aiming to take the Silver Moves test myself early next year, and couldn't be even more inspired with Bobbi's success. The world needs more cheerleaders and more harbingers of all news funny, encouraging, and thought-provoking! I cannot tell you how lovely it is to have a great group of fellow adult skaters who encourage and inspire.

    Yes, the Moves tests were revised sometime in late 2010, I think, so for Silver Moves it is edge spirals now instead of straight-line. The Eight-Step Mohawk sequence has also been revised and is now done as one figure eight move with two eight-step patterns in each direction.