Friday, December 21, 2012

That Moment When Your Boots Finally Fit Perfectly

My pwecious, my pwecious!


  1. You're almost in disbelief
    That your boots aren't painful and stiff
    You've fallen in love
    When they fit like a glove
    And you can now breathe a sigh of relief

    Now if only that pesky old knee
    Would not be so ornery
    It must understand
    That an Axel to land
    Depends on being pain-free!

    1. And so, dear Babette
      I'm not finished yet
      Glad tidings to you evermore
      May a wish for good cheer
      And a happy New Year
      Come a-knocking on your front door!

      A wish for a knee good-as-new for you, and Peace and Goodwill for all! Still waiting on that one...

  2. The kitten is clearly overbooted! LOL