Sunday, November 4, 2012

Belated Halloween Skating Skarefest

Ever go out on ice and a frisson of fear goes up your spine? It's worse than vampires, worse than the Wolfman, worse than the housing crash of 2008. It's

public skate!

A Swizzle Train--that blocks half the ice!
And heading against the flow of traffic!

Parents carrying their children on ice!
(I couldn't actually find a picture of a parent carrying a kid on ice,
but I've seen people pick up their kid on ice--and fall on her)
The second most terrifying thing of all--
Skating frames are bad enough--but ADULT! skate frames--the horror, the horror!
And the most terrifying sight of all?

Hockey Boys!

A little boy in full hockey gear
All speed, and no control
He'll take you out in a heartbeat!


  1. Here's something really scary: my rink had all of the above at its special Halloween All-Day Skate. To make things even scarier, they kept the rink almost completely dark (for Halloween atmosphere) save for a flashing strobe and a few colored lights AND employed a fog machine just in case visibility wasn't bad enough! And when a few people complained about the inadequate lighting, management shrugged it off and said they "had to keep it dark for Halloween". It made me wonder if blood and guts from an accident caused by such conditions would be considered "Halloween atmosphere" as well.

  2. Love it and so true! Fortunately, my home rink doesn't allow those frame thingies but I have been at rinks where kids are allowed to push each around on full size chairs - yikes!

    1. I was at a rink where they used upside down plastic 5 gallon cans instead of frames. A boy picked one up and threw it at my head.

  3. Loved this post. The east coast was too busy with Hurricane Sandy to enjoy Halloween. They even canceled the Halloween Parade! I think if my rink did that, I'd be screaming so loud, the police would show up!