Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back on the Ice-Experimenting with 2 foot spin

After a day lying flat on my back and doing Annette Fletcher's "Save Your Lower Back" DVD, I'm back on the ice. Highly recommend that DVD.

So today was mostly gentle stroking, some work on Waltz 8s, back edges, and other pre-bronze and bronze elements. Nailed both Forward Out side and Inside 8 (half the time). Never a good idea (at my age) to stress myself after an injury.

One of my goals today was to try out all the suggestions for two foot spins from the comments in this post by Hayden'sMom and MommyTime.  Unfortunately, I never got there. I tried out something that just popped into my head instead. I held my arms out in front of me like I would hold a beach ball (this was the group coach suggestion) and I turned my head to look over my shoulder in the direction of turn (Cruella's direction for two foot turns).  Then using a push with one foot and twisting the body I entered the spin. Not at all technical, just an experiment.

I got 4 rotations!  But I started spinning so fast it scared the dickens out of me so that was the only trial for the day. I was hesitant to do something that might ruin my back--again. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Yep, I'm a Spinning Chicken

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  1. That's wonderful! You've moved past the awkward just trying to get the basic idea stage!

    I do a similar entrance to my two footed spins 1) skate in a CCW circle (about 6' radius)
    2) glide on two feet with the right arm out to the side and the left arm towards the front
    3) do a strong half-swizzle with the right foot (lots of knee bend) and as the right foot comes in to left foot bring the right arm over to left hand to get arms in the "hold the beach ball" position at shoulder height. (I have the fingers in the two hands overlapping each other.) You should now enter the spin. Wheee!

    When that's feeling comfortable, you can add the arm movements in the spin
    4) bring both hands in to right in front of the sternum (the spin will speed up) (elbows stay out to the side - the arms should be horizontal)
    5) turns your hands so that your palms face down
    6) push your hands down towards the ice moving downward right along your body. Keep your arms strong - no mushy arms. The spin will speed up as you push down. (You can push down quite slowly at first to keep from going faster than you are comfortable with.)
    7) when the spin is slowing down enough to be close to done, move all you weight onto your right skate, pick up the left skate, move your arms out the sides and glide out of the spin on RBO edge

    Congrats on moving forward on a new skill!