Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photos from my Ice Dance Lessons

Canasta Tango

Here Dance Coach demonstrates "Tango Expression" in reverse Killian hold. Note the tango hauteur and wonderful posture that bespeaks years of professional training in projection of not only skating skills, but attitude and style of the dance.  Normally in hold he looks ahead, the turn of the head here is because he is speaking to me.

Here I am demonstrating the chasse' from the Canasta Tango. This is one of my earlier attempts. You can see I'm keeping an eye on Dance Coach's expression. My posture is better now, and my upper body carriage is much stronger.  The lean to the right is completely gone, and I carry my head in 'the ice dance way'.

Alas, I'm still this fluffy.

Rhythm Blues

Dance Coach demonstrates the inside swing roll from the Rhythym Blues.

What can I say, OMG, that extension. 
I'm having a bit of a problem with the pattern down the side of the boards. Although I have the step behinds on the end patterns, the crossovers on the side feel a bit like this:

I hate that 'lilt' in Rhythm Blues!


  1. Count me in, Bunny Hop! I think I could be a better dancer if I follow these fluffy steps. @ Babbette: But it would be better if you had another fluffy partner with you! Haha! Together with a long-stemmed rose between his teeth for a more Tango effect.

    Celia Maciomhair