Monday, June 25, 2012

Freestyle After a Hockey Session

Freestyle ice after Stick n' Puck

Then some hockey players pay the freestyle fee and get on the ice

It makes you feel like this
But, what you want to do is THIS!

Oh, please, like you all haven't thought this.


  1. Wow. You have hockey people using Freestyle ice at your rink? The horror! How is that allowed? The last illustration sums up exactly how I feel about what the hockey boys do to the ice, and I don't even pretend to feel like illustration number Three. I just sort of go directly from One to Four. At my rink, the Skate Guards are hockey boys, so they let their fellow hockey friends rip up the ice and terrorize everyone else with their recklessness on Public ice. I nearly fractured my wrist on a public session once,when a hockey boy whizzed by me so fast he didn't even know he nudged me just enough from behind to take me down. While there was no fracture, my wrist still bothers me on occasion if I move it a certain way. So yes please, I'm not ashamed to admit I am that woman in the poster!

    1. This was just an amusing comic post, exaggerated for effect. I've only seen clueless parents put kids in hockey skates on freestyle. They were always very gently escorted off.

      The more likely end panel should be "Adult Skaters! Get off my Freestyle!"