Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

I spent 5 1/2 hours in my skates the other day. I now understand why there are special 'coach skates'. My feet were on fire after all the driving, and skating, and walking around in skates, and some more driving. I moisturized and got some heat to my feet and they feel much better.

The rehearsal went really well. All of the skaters but one showed up, and we all got input from our coach. Most people can hear their musical cues, and there's only a couple of skaters I have to cue directly. So my role as the "Yeller of Numbers" has pretty much gone away.

Thank the Lord.

My costume--the Personification of Death---is mighty fine. I have pictures, but I'm not quite ready to post them until after the show.

How can I tell my costume is "mighty fine"? Well, I  stepped out into the lobby in full costume with my mask on and two very small kids screamed in terror. Their mom and I spent 5 minutes explaining about costumes, and acting. After that, I didn't put the mask on until I was ready to step on the ice. There were lots of little kids around.

Who's that scary lady?
Backstage, behind the curtain, had some scary moments of its own. I'm back there in a mask, with a hockey stick and surrounded by little kids. The curtain is held up by poles that in turn are held up by 2'x2' metal plates.


So, behind the scenes skating safety:

Step one: Don't fall
Step two: Don't whack a kid with Death's Scythe (a hockey stick)
Step three: Don't step on a metal plate
Step four: Don't step on the concrete where the zamboni sits since for some reason the gate is open
Step five: Don't fall on a kid
Step six: Don't fall on the hockey stick

Since I wrote the above, I've been sent a video of the last half of the rehearsal. I'm pretty much invisible once I get behind the line of zombies skaters, which is what I'm supposed to be. The part where I'm center stage wasn't videoed, so I don't know if the 'working it' that I was doing paid off. Sigh. At the end I noted, "NEED MORE KNEEBEND."

Also, I need to be taller. By about a foot. So I need a foot more leg.....hey I'm surrounded by zombies maybe I can use one of theirs!

The costume, though, D*** it looks fantastic!

I look just like this but with a hockey stick instead of a scythe, a hockey mask instead of a hood, a shorter robe,  tattoed arms instead of sleeves, plus I'm shorters and cuter.
Got the picture?

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  1. I cannot wait to see a picture of your costume!

    Like you, I am very short (and I like to think cute...). I once skated in a number with kids that a friend of mine had no idea I was out there until she later saw me off ice in costume.