Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dance Coach's Revenge

With an age spread of 30 years, Dance Coach and I have almost nothing in common, except we both like social dance. The difference? The social dances I learned started with the Twist, and ended with the Hustle. Back when he was single he used to off-handedly move to some music over the sound system. What's that you young folks call it? "Clubbing"?

I occasionally pull out a couple of moves to amuse him, when the music's playing. Just a second or two while we're skating to a dance start position. I'm not awful for 60, let's say that.

This last lesson some  danceable music came over the loud speaker. Dance Coach was skating towards me after I had demonstrated some element. The music is VERY danceable. I can feel myself wanting to move to it, but I'm in lesson and Dance Coach has his serious face on. Lessons don't involve much humor on his part except when he mimics "mean Russian ice dance coach". Lessons are serious business for him. I'm almost always the one that jokes around to get the laughs.

Then he busts a move.

It's a good move too. Full hip, shoulder, body action. Just super.

I keep a straight face and say in my Church Lady voice, "Well, who thinks he's hot and sexy."

Dance Coach then gives me the look that every man in the world would give any woman who made a comment like that.
Rowan Atkinson
I can't help myself, I totally corpse. And when I corpse, I laugh like a seal.
I can be heard in Anartica
Spontaneously, I'm honking, gripping my knees, spurred on by the fact that every time I catch my breath I can hear a wicked chuckle.

So, after a week at work,  a laugh like that is totally worth the $0.25 in lesson fees it cost me.

Thanks Dance Coach. I needed that laugh.

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