Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Perfection in the spin...both ways!!

Have I ever told you my theory of 'sometimes you just need to stop skating for a couple of weeks, and you'll improve"? I can't explain it. My theory is that after a period of struggle your brain needs a week or so to grow othe connections between brain cells and you'll get better. Note that I said 'after a period of struggle'. You have to have that struggle--then the pause--and then it improves.

So, what kept me out of group was a. a tornado, b. a car wreck that blocked the road c. work trip and d. I got sick after I made it to the rink. I don't give up my skating for just any reason.

Group coach was glad to see me. I'd had a sharpening, so I was testing the ice with a couple of tentative spins.Coach stood off to the side, watching as I spun to the right. "Oh that's right you spin to the right and jump  to the left."

"I don't jump at all, I spin both ways. It's my only trick" I spun to the left, without thinking much about it.

"That was really nice." Coach looked down at the ice. "Both are very nicely centered, you're perfectly balanced on your rocker in both directions, your posture and exits are  great."

I blinked.

I had entered the spins with head up, eyes forward, stomach tight, and picked up my foot next to my leg without actually being conscious of the little 'bits' I had to put together, and had been working on for so long. Two easy rotations both direction. My brain had been working while I was 'off ice'.

That was great to hear. I felt a rush.

Praise me! Praise me! I am a GODDESS !!

"You know,"Group Coach said, "If you opened your right shoulder some more, you might be able to get a third rotation on the right spin."

Man, that third spin. I need a vacation to get that thing....maybe a trip to Europe or something....



  1. I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s inspiring to me as a returning adult skater. Some of your posts have been really educational!

    1. Thank you! Also check out Oleg's blog on my blog roll. He's got lots of great tips.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, too. And I completely agree there's some kind of improving power in taking a break from the ice.