Sunday, April 28, 2019

Master a Skill. Then STOP!!

I entered a spin first minute of the lesson

Anyway, immediately afterwards as I exited the spin, very nicely thankyouverymuch, I got dizzy, so, meh,  'issues'.

And my coach did this!

 I've learned this. The first time you do a skill, and you know it isn't luck that you did it successfully, you know that you did it successfully because you.actually.have.the.skill....Stop doing it for that lesson. Let the skill sink in until the next day. The reason? You want all the neurons in your brain to save that memory as something as something you can replicate--and if for some reason it doesn't work? You'll have the memory to replicate rather than just flailing around.

I can now officially pass Pre-Free.

For Freeskate 1 all I've got left is that pecky back 3...oh, and beginner back spins.

And that packier inside 3, that bitch.

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