Saturday, April 13, 2019

Me and My "Spin Enthusiasm"

First Spin of the Day--2 rotations--the 'wrong' way

Coach: "Two well centered rotations in your weak direction..let's take a picture...You could get 3 rotations if you entered it with more enthusiasm...

Me: "What if I'm not willing to fake enthusiasm?"

Funny wants me to do FI3, it's torture... however, I can do solid beginner one foot  Inside  Rockers... (beginner meaning I have to rest my flat hand over my coach's arm--not gripping it--just a light resting).

It's inside and outside rockers, and inside and outside counters all over the center. "I haven't seen you look this enthusiastic in months," my coach says...I forebear to mention my spins....

Anyway, I haven't posted because of work, a lot of travel, and some family issues. I'm 67, and sadly your time is less and less your own as you get older, and your knees and joints take on a life of their own no matter what you want them to do. Still the blog isn't dead. It will pick up during the summer.

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