Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Really Nice Coach

All coaches are nice. But this new group coach is *really* nice.

If you remember I'm taking group lessons at a rink north of me, where I'm the only student in group...Yes, I'm paying $115 for essentially 8 private lessons. So, that's the equivalent of $15 a lesson...all by myself. So I signed up to rip off  at the rink for formal Pre-Free group yet again.

I show up the first session, with a different coach from last group (who was also a very nice coach). She has me run through the Pre-free skills.

Just like every other coach, she makes a comment when I do my mohawks. "A little bit of a scrape there." was her polite comment.

Oh dear God. What is the obsession figure skating coaches have with a little bit of a scrape from a bit of a blade drag when I'm doing a mohawk? Every coach I've ever had makes a comment about this. However, on the good side, I've heard this enough, that I'm inured to it.

Back cross overs to to a glide position. She switches me so I'm facing out of the circle, because I'm so strong at this point I just get on an edge and face in any direction and don't notice it's wrong. Next was back outside edge to a forward outside edge (the back outside mohawk). We have to shift the Basic four adults out of the center circle to give me enough space to get in a good solid glide before I do  a turn.  But I can nail this thing.

Then we do crossover, crossover, mohawk, step behind, back cross, turn forward into the circle. Now I learned this as crossover, crossover, mohwak, step behind, back step over, turn forward into the circle,  We had to have a couple of minute discussion, because I think at some point in the last 4 years, they changed the back step over, into a back cross. Anyway, I do it the new way because it's on the coach sheet.

"Sorry, that was a little chunky. It's been a couple of months since I did that." I apologize

"Trust me," she says, "Kids can't do it that well."


Notice that this is the patented expression of a coach teaching a Snow Plow Sam class!


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