Saturday, January 19, 2019

Too Tired to Think---on Ice

In a group lesson -- the one where I'm the only student -- the coach told me to do a one foot spin.

So I do a proper set up and spin to the right. It's not a good spin, more of a revolutions. I only get a revolution and a half.

"That was a nice entry, but don't you spin to the left?" The coach asks.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." I set up again and this time I spin to the left on my RIGHT foot! Well, it was centered but it was like a single revolution.

The Coach gives me a funny look

She skates forward and smacks my left calf. "THIS leg, to the LEFT!'

This is what happens when you've been up since 2 am and it's 7 pm. But maybe my spins would be better if I lose track what I'm doing!

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