Monday, January 28, 2019

Almost Free of Pre-Free

I have passed all but one of the Pre-Free Skills.

Can you guess which one is left?

Oh, of course you can, it's the spin.

But as God is my witness, I will
never have to do that crossover, crossover, mohawk,
step behind, back cross, step forward into the circle
I admit only people over the age of 50
will recognize this picture and
remember the original quote.
So for a moment let's turn back to the spin. 

Me talking to my left spin

I'm not really getting anywhere on the left spin. I got issues. I tend to naturally put my weight on my right foot and while I can spin to the left, I'm stuck.  

So just messing around , I spin to the right. I'm better spinning to the right on one foot when I haven't  practiced it for more than five minutes in the last month, than I am after hours of practice spinning to the left in months.  The group coach gives me a couple of tips and it gets better.

My right spin talking to me
 So in order to pass Pre-Free, I'm going to have to switch sides.