Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Shop for your Coach for Christmas

 Rule 1: It doesn't have to be about Skating

I gave my coach a great gift one year, a Home Depot gift card contribution to redecorating her bathroom in her mountain cabin.  I think  this was her favorite. Another time I gave her a canvas 'hair tools' tote. Which, like me, she carries stuff in the car in. (I cannot tell you how useful one of these is.)

Rule 2: If it is for skating, it shouldn't be soakers or blade guards--unless they have been making some specific hints. Some people are very fussy about those things. I change mine about once a year, or when I lose one of a pair, but my coach has been repairing her first soakers since she started skating.  And laces are fine, but do you really know the length and whether you coach likes cotton, poly, mixed or nylon? And really, that's cheap.

Rule 3: Stuff which you can give, when you really don't have any good ideas. You almost can't go wrong with fancy moisturizer, lip balm, or skating socks, tights or something for the car like one of those ice scrapers with a mitten over the handle. Car stuff is useful: jumper cables, a seat warmer that plugs into the 12v plug. Just, for God Sakes, don't give candles.

Rule 4: If you give clothes then include a gift receipt. And clothes or a gift card to a shop is perfectly okay. Just don't buy something and monogram it.

Rule 5. If you know your coach's taste in music, movies, or entertainment--give away! My coach does not know I'm a fan of Tyler Perry's Madea, cause I'd kill for a collection of those movies.  And until I know her taste that well, I'm not giving her movies or music.

Rule 6; CASH....Liquor...cookies...can't go wrong with these!

Rule 7: Does your coach have a hobby? Skating may be your hobby but your coach's may be skeet, or travel, or  art.

This year my coach is getting a gift card to TALBOTS.  She said once she always wanted a sweater from there....well, have fun shopping!

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