Monday, November 12, 2018

All by myself---my lesson ISN'T!!

Remember how I switched to group at another rink and I was the only student in the class. Two miracles have occured:
1. Another student has joined--who is somewhere in the vicinity of my age
2. The class has now become Pre-Free because as the coach put it "You can do everything in 6,"

I feel like I've been allowed to skip a grade in junior high.
This gif never  gets old.
Anyway, here's pre-free

So, funnily enough, after losing 40 lb I can  now do skill D, which is the hardest. Crossover crossover mohawk step-behind cross front turn forward into the circle.   And I can do E, which is upright one foot spin,  and A and B are so dead  easy she skipped them.  And I can do C, which is basically a back mohawk. 

Oh, and we did pivots in many different configurations:  back forward inside outside. Which I can now do because I lost 40 lb.

That's almost everything

Mazurka and waltz jumps?

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