Wednesday, November 7, 2018

All by Myself--my lesson is

I showed up for Group lesson at the new (much closer) rink Monday night. I found my coach, and I was in the correct class, Basic 6.

Then one of the other coaches skated  by with a clipboach and answered my group coach's question, "You know, you don't have a lane assigned to you.That's funny."

So while the  group coach was sorting out with other coaches how she was going to share lanes, I thought:

1. I really need to do a blog post on rinks that do LTS in lanes vs circles
2. I was the only skater signed up in Basic 6--which it turned out to be.

When the group coach told me I was the only skater I cheerfully said "Private lesson! private lesson!"

Private lesson!

So here's the basic 6 (LTS USA) list of skills:

This rink goes through every skill with every lesson. As an adult learner  I've got issues how LTS USA lines up its skill building, but it is what it is. Let me just say that I think perimeter stroking is a good skill, but WTF? You're supposed to do it with a group of adult skaters on crowded group lesson ice? Forward and backward? What genius thought that up?

So here were my results, which I will tell Coach Bianca,
A. Forward perimeter stroking--praise, dammit, praise! "Nice shoulders and posture. You've really worked on that, haven't you."
B. Skipped
C. FI3--ODG, these are as sucky as ever. I do not want to talk about it..ever.
 She had me do FO3 even though it's not on the list. FO3--I did them. Not anything special
D. Change edge pattern--I can do this, but I didn't do them well that night. It's a foot issue.
E. T stop--who waits until Basic 6  to learn these? They're an easy win for Basic 3 or 2! Anyway, I nailed them both ways, Ha!
F. Lunge--Skipped
G, Two foot spin into 1 foot spin. First time since my hip issue began. Two rotations. Solid. Even got praise.
Oh, and she ran me through my mohawks which I did in a pattern. (*cough* praise) .And,
she also had me do forward and backward crossovers.  I'm still having issues with my control of my left foot so there's occasions where I'm terrified my blades are going to crash together or I'm going to drop an edge. My physical therapist worked on my left foot today. It has to do with a nerve damage/ inflammation/ whatever in my left leg. So she improved it today with some PT technique that I can't describe. I''m starting to get some control back. At least she improve my range and quickness of motion in my left ankle.

Well, I know the private lesson shtick can't last and at the end of the class I said to the coach, "This one student in a class can't last. Are they going to move me down to the 4-5 class?"

She looked over to the 4-5 lane which was full. "You can't go there because you're way beyond that, and you can't go to freeskate because you don't jump. Maybe, someone else will sign up for 6. Or I'll just stay here,"

 Well, That's a Mystery I'll Have to Live With for a Week
I hate not knowing.
Did I just waste $116 to get put into 4-5?

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