Monday, May 28, 2018

Figure Skating's Not For Sissies

A couple of hours before I got to freestyle a teenage girl was dancing the Kilian with Dance Coach (remember him?)  and during the Open Choctaw stabbed him in the shin and tore it top to bottom with her blade.


He drove himself to the emergency room where he got 6 internal and 6 external stitches then drove himself back to the rink to pick up his lessons.

The adult skaters at the rink were telling him to go home, and the little student who had wounded him showed up looking miserable. 

I don't know if  Dance Coach was taking anything for pain, but I never saw him wince. That's what I call a real man.

Of course after he left for lunch every skater on the ice couldn't wait to tell me all their choctaw horror stories. Like I said, figure skating's not for sissies.


  1. I have my Mohawk horror story. Even someone at USFSA referred to it as "the dreaded mohawk".