Friday, April 27, 2018

Terror on Group Ice

Thursday night was spirals in group. I'm nearly 70, so I totally claim I'm  not getting my leg above my hip. Although I know, if I worked on it every day, I might possibly be able to stop grunting in pain as I raise that leg up off the ice.
So Far My Spiral is
However, Badass Skater can do a Y-Sprial. I dropped a dime to the coach on that. I got an eye-roll from Mr Badass, then he gained some speed and did a lovely Y-spiral with good position--apparently not really looking where he was going. After all, it's not like you're going to stab someone iwhen your blade is at shoulder level....

Unless there was an adult male in his way

SADLY....there was an adult Basic 4 adult skater in Mr Badass's way
A TERRIFIED Basic 4 skater 
With a blade headed right to his eyes!

The adult Freestyle skaters all laughed.
 Sometimes we can be so cruel.

The end of the session was filled with FO3, into forward loop turns, into backward toe-picking, into cross-fronts, into something else, then repeat.  Well, the best I can say is "Not awful for old and slow!"

And since it was last session in the season, the coach asked me if I wanted to test.

Thanks for believing in me

But "Bye!!"

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  1. This Y-spiral sounds like a solid self-defense maneuver for Public Ice!