Sunday, April 22, 2018

Being Run Over on Public

So on Saturday, Summer had finally arrived--for sure this time.

We hope. At least there hasn't been a freeze alert since Tuesday.

There were 7 of us on public. Two coaches, 3 freestylers, me,  and my coach's student. Since it was almost empty, I went to one of the corner circles and worked on my 8's (classic figures style).

Let me note, I'm slow and big, and working on my fourth or fifth 8. You can't miss me.

Suddenly, on the ALMOST EMPTY RINK!,  a freestyler appeared out of no where and did a lutz in the circle I was doing my figures 8s in.  THEN!!! she did a short turn back into the circle and skated fast right at me.

I thew my hands up to protect my face and dodged out of her way.  I had to skate away from her for a few feet to steady myself, then I turned around and said, "This is public. Not freestyle."

Anyway when my lesson started, I told my coach what happened. When I told her that I'd told the skater that "This is public", she nodded affirmatively. "Good, we need them to respect public rules."

Then she asked "Which one was it?"

"I don't know," I whined. "She's got long brown hair and is dressed in black."

My coach looked at the three freestyle girls; all, with long brown hair and dressed in black expensive outfits.

"You, know," she said, "They spend all that money and they all look like morticians."

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  1. Skaters doing figures get no respect… :(