Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Three Turn Checking Tips

So I picked up a couple of FO3 turn checking tips recently.

This one is for building leg strength and balance and is from one of my favorite online coaches, Isk8NYC, a coach who posts over on
"Practice doing back crossovers and holding the BI "cross" in the checked position - chest facing into the circle, shoulders over the curve, skating ankle/knee bent and free leg extended/pointed behind.  You can start doing it on a circle in one direction, then reverse to work the other side.  When that's less challenging, practice it as a serpentine pattern, alternating sides down the ice to fit in more lobes and develop faster checking skills."
 This motivates me to hold the 'checked position' with extension. For mere crossovers, I just move along quickly, slowing it down and holding is a good exercise for the back glide.

The other tip is to 'look at the diamond'. I got this from my coach, Miss Bianca.  She uses it for teaching the flip. But for some reason she was using it with me and I realized it would make an excellent three turn check trick.

"Stick out your leading hand and look at the diamond," she said.

"What diamond?" I asked, looking around at her hand and her glove.

"The one on your wedding ring." She pulled her gloves off. Diamond rings on each hand.

We debate back and forth as to whether I'll ever get married at this point, but finally I stick out my hand stare where the non-existant should be and continued to stare at it as I did a FO3. I checked the turn. May I didn't do it perfectly, and trust me, it's a little disorienting to keep my eye on my hand, but possibilities there, possibilities.

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