Saturday, May 27, 2017

Things only Figure Skters Understand #17: FLY MY PRETTY, FLY!!

When you do a hard, tight two foot turn, then feel your iphone fly out of your unzipped pocket and hear it skitter across the ice


  1. Yep, sometimes I think cellphones have become more of a hazard than pucks and gloves tossed by hockey boys during publics. Someone spins, jumps, or simply goes ker-splat ... and a cellphone launches out of a pocket and scoots across the ice. One woman apparently didn't realize hers had shot out. I saw it, picked it up, and skated after her to return it ... and she thought I was hitting on her.

    1. "Did it break?" The little freestyle skater asked eagerly. I don't know if she was sympathetic or excited. But it did sound like the voice of experience.