Monday, May 29, 2017

Fear of Champion Cords

My coach dug into her pocket and pulled out a set of Sheila Thelen's Champion Cords. "You've got the one foot entry to the one foot spin," she said, "It's time to use Champion Cords to refine your technique."

I glanced at the rink clock. My lesson would be over in 1 minute and if I could keep her talking, I wouldn't have to try them out.

The idea of attaching one end of a cord to my boot and holding the other end of the cord in my hand while turning terrifies me.

"Of course many people are initially terrified by Champion Cords," she said, 'But I can assure you, you won't get tangled up in them." She was very firm about that.

The clock hit 30 after the hour and I almost shoved her off the ice. "You've had a long day. It's been a good lesson. See you next week."

But, it turns out she is right. I won't get tangled up in them. If this guy doesn't get tangled up, no one will.

So, I guess Champion Cords are in my future.

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