Sunday, April 9, 2017

Send-Off to Adult Nats

Saturday there was a going away party for all the adult skaters going to Nats. I don't know how many your  rink is sending, but the Adult Freestyle Circle of Fire is sending 10 skaters.

Since I had practice and a lesson, I tramped over to the VIP room in my skates just to wish the departing skaters good luck and hear their plans. When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten that the VIP room doesn't have matting on the floor, it has carpeting.

Carpeting on top of a concrete foundation. This was going to crush my edges.

I stood in the door for a moment, said my "Hi!", then added, "I don't have guards, I'll just toepick in."

"I'll loan you a set of guards, " Mr Badass said.

"I've got an extra pair in my bag," Miss Bun said, "You can have them."

A couple  other voices said something like "Hey use these!"

I then had to confess, "I HAVE guards, ...."

Someone (maybe Miss Bun) yelled out cheerfully, "You're just too lazy to get them out of your bag to walk over here!"

The end of this story, is that after a quarter hour of chat, I couldn't get out of my chair by going straight onto my toepicks, so a couple of people had to pull me up out of the chair on to my toepicks so I could stalk magnificently out of the room to go back to the rink.

But to all the adult skaters from my rink, (especially those who rescued me from the skater eating chair) have the most and bestest of fun at Nats, and skate your very best!!!


  1. Magnificently = The best way to stalk. :-D

  2. Oooh, toe picking in requires skills!!! I'm glad you had a fun send-off for AN!