Friday, April 21, 2017

How Slow the Last MInute of Group Goes

Coach Challenge rolled his eyes to the insulated rink ceiling and pressed his forefinger to his chin while he thought.

"A..a..and for yo..o..ou...."

I glanced at the rink clock. It was one minute before session was over. "Well, session is over, don't worry about it," I say.

All session had been forward crossrolls into figure loops, then something new called power mohawks, then alternating crappy spins.  My figure loops were more like big circles, not oval loops. 

Coach Challenge brightened up. "Okay, I want you do two chasse's then a swing roll."

I glance at the clock. Still holding on the last minute.

I follow him around the space: chasse' chasse' swing roll.

"And then..." Coach Challenge announces triumphantly, "Hold on to that swing roll and circle around."

Clock. Time. Holding.

Chasse' Chasse' Swingroll Ho..o..old.

OMG!! This is to get me to do my figures loop!! Just one more try!

Zamboni horn. Gate opens.


1 comment:

  1. Big circles rather than loops. And the way coaches really want to get you to tighten up that circle. Oh so familiar!!!