Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm In a Skating Plateau

This encapsulates my feelings about the last 3 months

The only thing I've advanced on is the Back Outside Cross Forward, which once I realized I could make it  funny I really threw my heart into doing. Everything else,  all the graceful skills, FI3, spins, BO3, I'm kind of where I was  3 months ago. I've tried 'Do the Opposite', 'Five minute focus' and 'Deep practice' to break through. Zip.

I've been on a break for 3 weeks. I'm now at that awkward moment between 'lost all my skills' and 'brain has had time to forget my bad habits'.  I may have been wearing myself down, and I can only hope that this break gives my body a chance to reset.

I've run out of ideas for now, maybe I knead to sit back and get a massage. I mean, it can't hurt.

Ooooh, kittehs.
I won't skate on Good Friday, however, Holy Saturday, there's no mass, so I'm back on the ice! I'll see then if I need to ask St Jude for intercession for those FI3s!


  1. Happy Forward-Inside Threester!

  2. Everyone needs a break now and then. Hope you come back to the ice refreshed!

  3. A plateau is better than a slide!

    Have a happy and holy Easter.

  4. Try cross training by taking a yoga or Pilates class, or anything you don't normally do! It could reboot your muscles.

    1. I do weight lift, but my trainer is moving to London. I'm having to find a new approach.