Saturday, March 4, 2017

When a Skill Is Inconsistent

Last week at group I had 3 perfect FI3 in a row. Then I didn't skate again until today. Adulting got in the way....result? Too little sleep,  too much time in the car driving to meetings in another city, too much stress; this all leading to the onset of persistent exhaustion.  I  need a week off.

This week, I don't have perfect FI3.

Now, I'm back to half-assed FI3. But they're much less half-assed than they were two weeks ago--so, maybe I'm up to quarter-assed  I guess you can say I'm improving. Certainly my quarter-assery is consistent and in the middle and without fear. I don't even say 'fuck' anymore when I don't have a glide out.

I complained to my coach. "I get a skill and it disappears. Why?"

She gave me a thoughtful look and said:

"One day I did five lutzes in a row, then they disappeared and I've never seen them since."

So I guess I'm not getting any sympathy from her, cause my FI3 is probably going to come back tomorrow.   


  1. I find I go through several distinct stages in nailing a skill: 1) It's really bad & I can't really do it 2) I can sort of do it, but not very well 3) I can do it, but it's consistently bad 4) Hurrah, I can do it, consistently and well.

    1. See, stage 3 cheers me up and gives me hope because I know I'm very very veeeerry close to getting that skill down. Usually, for me, stage 3 means that I'm just making one silly mistake over and over again that's stopping me.

  2. I've been missing my Back Left Outside Bracket. When I was younger, it said it was going to the store for a pack of smokes and it never came back. I can't help thinking that I wasn't good enough and it didn't want me; this has impaired my ability to form meaningful relationships with other turns. Come back, Bracket. I'll be good, I promise!

  3. Elements come and go and sometimes return on their own schedules. Some days I can't get out of my own way, other days I can't do much at the beginning of a session but improve mid-way through. Then there are the "golden" skates where I sometimes startle myself. Golden skates are v. infrequent but I live for them.