Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm a BAAAAAD Girl (at Group)

We had a change of coach with the new session. Let's call him Coach Challenge. Group session is for all level adult freestyle skaters; Coach Challenge runs it at high Silver to high Gold.  I took the advice of another skater who is also a low level freestyler, "Do a lot of things two footed," she whispered.

After fifteen minutes in session of weird shit like back loops, things that might have been twizzles in a back pattern, forward cross rolls with hands behind the back, back cross rolls with something else I faked, then double back threes, alternate jump entrances (I skipped that one); I was exhausted and needed a chance to catch my breath so I decided to distract the coach.

"Coach," I said in Coach Challenge's ear, "Bad Ass skater, has trouble with his back left bracket." I patted his shoulder, "Use that knowledge wisely." I don't think I've ever seen a more delighted evil smile.

As I slunk away, Coach Challenge spun to face Bad Ass..."Hey, Bad Ass, let's work on your brackets!" he announced cheerfully.

My work here was done.

I suspect though, that Mr. Bad Ass has certain evil thoughts about me:

Whatever, he needs to fix that bracket. That will make him so much better at Nats.

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