Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What Do I Tackle Next?

I think I've figured out FI3,  and I'll formally pass into Pre-Free this session. That leaves me with one skill in Pre-Free I can't do: the mazurka (knees won't let me). I can do everything in Freeskate 1 (except the jumps --knees...again), and most of Freeskate 2 except Back 3's and Back spins (and the jumps--you probably know why). Three and Four I have a couple of onsie skills. It's not until Freeskate 5 that I can't do any skill at all in a section.

So over the next few months, what do I want to work on? Honestly, I could care less about jumps. I'm not going to master them unless I have a knee replacement. I want to do foot work. I really don't care about spins, but if I don't get a couple of spins, and spirals my programs will just look like a ship sailing on the silver sea. BORRING.

Let's get the easy selections out of the way--easy because my coach is going to make me do them no matter what:
  1. Back 3's
  2. Back spins
  3. Completely switch over (again) to my wrong side spin direction. I now have 4, maybe 5 coaches, telling me to switch. I might as well make a commitment.
  4. Back inside edges (one of those "I need to practice this 4 or 5 times with a coach to pull it together since the outside version is going so well" edge skills.)
And the harder selections--harder because I believe there are so many things to pick from it's hard to make one:
  1.  Waltz 3. Because that will force me to get my 3 turn checking in line. 
  2.  Back edge pulls...because every coach I work with is determined to get me to do this, I might as well just suffer and take one for the team
  3. Outside mohawks---because it will make my coach so happy to teach me, and then I can do mohawk rolls. My coach loves mohawk cute little elements.
Except for back inside edges, and outside mohawks, this is fraught with suffering. I think I'll suffer through the back three and back spins for months to come, because I'm terrified to do them without a coach. But I noticed everything else in those 2 lists I'm willing to practice on my own and only need lessons on them to solve technical issues.

The next few months aren't going to be the cesspool of suffering I thought they were!

You know, I feel much much better. 

Until I think of Back Threes...


  1. Your idea of "easy" and "harder" are the complete opposite of mine (except for the spin part, which is hard one way and impossible the other). One benefit of switching fully to ice dance is that no one even asks for jumps anymore--or if they do, I point to my dance blades and say "in these?" with incredulity. Looks like you've got lots of the next levels covered--hooray!

    1. I meant 'emotionally' easy, not 'technically' easy. I mean, the back 3 is something I've got to do. It's not really a 'choice'.