Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thinking about New Blades


MK Professional. 7ft rocker.  Cross cut toepicks.
Hate the toepick angle, and the drop pick
is only marginally bigger than a kitten's claw.
I think the Coronation Ace is a twin to this. So the Ace is out of the competition.

What I Want
Goal Blade. Pattern 99. 8 ft Rocker with complex spin rocker that scares me.
LOOOOVE the toepick. Swooon. They should rename this blade "The Raptor".

What I'll Settle for
Settling for: Coronation Comet. 8.5 ft Rocker. Straight cut toepicks.
Slightly greater toe rake angle than Pros. I've read this is a 'neglected' blade.
My skate tech hasn't mounted a pair in years.

I Considered this. But scary.
Scariest Blade Alive: Stubby back stanchion raises the back of the blade and
pushes you up to the spin rocker. I really, really want to try this.
7 Foot rocker. The toepick is  cross cut. Shrug. I'm a straight cut girl
so I dropped it out. But it has a certain appeal.

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