Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Good Save!": Bloggable Spin Moments

Yesterday I got a perfect two rotation one foot spin. Solidly centered. With Speed.

Then I exited the spin in a lovely back edge.

"You got going at a decent speed, with great position then you panicked at the speed, didn't you?" Coach Bianca said.

I hung my head in shame,

For about two seconds!

"One day you'll do them and then you'll wonder why they seemed so hard." Coach said. And to tell the truth they are not only getting easier, but I'm not afraid of falling anymore. And the fact that I no longer wear my glasses when I spin so I can't actually 'fixate' on what I see has made a significant difference.

We kept working on the spin, and then I got overconfident and lifted the free foot too soon. To save the spin, I immediately went into a Spiderman.

I've never mentioned this before, have I? A Spiderman is when I'm on an inside edge with the free leg bent either back or sometimes stuck forward, and my arms are posed as if I'm about leap on a miscreant. Extra style points if the skating leg is bent too.

Anyway,  I stayed in the spin, got upright and did a traditional exit to the free leg in a landing glide.

Coach Bianca said drily, "Good save."

It didn't occur to me until I was driving home if I straightened out that leg and fixed my arm position, I could have a Camel spin!....In my dreams!

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