Sunday, February 14, 2016

When Your Coach Has an "Evil Plan"

For the last few weeks, my coach, Miss Bianca has been refining my mohawks in a pattern. Crossover, crossover, stroke, mohawk, turn forward.
I practiced it faithfully
So today I demonstrated that I can Nail It!

Miss Bianca nods, "Now, I want you to do mohawk straight from the crossover. So it's crossover, hold the inside edge, go directly into the mohawk."

This is a bit wonkier. I relied on that intermediary stroke between the crossover and the mohawk to get my upper body aligned; But after a few tries, it's ..... okay.
It took some adjustment, and caused some tension.
"That will do for now. Next we're going to do back edge of the mohawk, then go step behind, step over, turn forward. And we'll merge the two."

I give her a long slow stare.
I now see her evil plan. All these weeks she's been planning to introduce me to the 8 step mohawk. No, not the one on Silver moves, the one at the end of Basic 8. Crossover, crossover, mohawk, cross behind going backwards, cross forward going backwards, turn forward, repeat. And strangely, there's only 6 steps in there, so why it's called '8 step', no idea. Maybe they count the tiny back stroke between the cross behind and cross forward, and an introductory step.

When I passed Basic 8 many years ago, the test was crossover, crossover, mohawk, back cross, back cross, turn forward.

"So why did they add the step behind, step over going backwards?" I ask, "Was it to get people ready for back cross rolls?"

Then, I swear,  I see a twinkle in her eye. Miss Bianca has more Evil Plans, buried deep inside her Evil Plan!

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  1. They all have evil plans...they are all evil...beware! And don't forget the twinkle in the third eye at the back of their heads...