Monday, February 15, 2016

The Broken Zamboni

The ice resurfacer, commonly called a 'zamboni', broke down at my rink yesterday. There was an alternating pattern of shiny,dull,shiny,dull,shiny ice at the beginning of public.

The day manager told us to go on the ice anyways, so we did.

Twenty minutes later the guard told use we needed to get off, so they could zam the ice.

We all get off the ice, and I'm standing a few feet away from the ice, thinking some elderly adult's thoughts about putting my Medicare sign-up date (1 May) in my calendar, when the zam driver appeared before me.

"Hi," he said, "The vertical auger broke and I just got it fixed."

I smiled up at him, "That's great you were able to fix it! Is that the part that pulls the snow up into the little box at the back?"

He nodded, " Yes, and we're going to do an ice cut."

I patted his arm.  "You'll do a great job. I love to skate on fresh ice."

Then as he retreats down to the zam garage, I think, 'Wait, when did I get to be the captain of the ship getting damage control reports after a collision?'

ODG, I skate too much.

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  1. Ha! That makes me think of the people during public skate asking me how to skate better or go backwards. I must be starting to look like a real skater to the lay people for them to approach me!