Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Do the Opposite"

I'm a natural counter-clockwise spinner; But my spinning not going anywhere, because I can't lift my right foot up, and even two footed I can only get about 3 rotations.

So, for the last few sessions, I've been struggling alone with doing the opposite--spinning clockwise.  Do a clockwise spin and I'm turning on my right foot, I can lift that left foot up  immediately, but it feels wrong.
When I spin in my unnatural direction
My clockwise spin is nothing to write home about: it's not centered, I can only get about 1 and a half rotations, and I wobble. Still, I'm doing it one footed. And once, I got lucky in the spin; going so fast and centered that I scared myself so bad, I had to grab the boards to stop. Then I clung to them, tilting my head left and right to clear up my dizziness.

I showed my coach, Miss Bianca, my work on my spin today, and we talked about it.  Miss Bianca said "It's not that you're a natural clockwise spinner, it's that you like to be on your right foot."  And that's the truth. When I spin counter-clockwise, I lean out of the circle because my body wants to be on the right foot.

So, today Miss Bianca started formally teaching me clockwise spins.  In the five minutes we devoted to it, I was spinning on one foot and exiting on a back edge. It's not a great spin, I precess, and I can't get up on the spin rocker, instead I'm too far back on the rocker. It's not a scratch spin and it's not a back spin. It's a 'whack' spin. I'll keep taking a whack at it until it comes together.

Another coach had told me I spun one way and jumped the other. I told Miss Bianca that, and showed her my waltz jump hop step through. It's a perfectly straightforward counter clockwise waltz step through. 

"Have your tried to reverse the waltz jump?" she asked. 

"Yes, and I can't. Because then I'd have to land on my left leg."

"It's all about the right leg, isn't it?" she says. 

Yeah, cause left legs are lame-0.


  1. Replies
    1. That was in reference to the smelly hocker gear post, not the clockwise spin news (which is awesome!)

  2. I have the opposite issue -- when I try to go clockwise around the circle, my left foot is, like, just sort of there, drag-twizzling. I need some exercises to correct that thing. It feels bad and I know it looks blech.

  3. I am way more comfortable on my left foot then my right foot. I spend a lot of my practice time trying to get stronger on my right foot. I've gotten really comfortable on my right inside edge, not quite as good as my left, but good. But Right outside edge = Nightmare. I prefer to do my two foot spin clockwise but have done it counter clockwise.

    Best of luck with the spins!