Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm an Adult...Skate Classy!

Gold Skater and I were chatting one day when I complimented her earrings and she complimented mine. I'm a recreational skater not a Gold Skater, so I match my casual earrings to the color of my jacket or shirt and I have a matching or complementary hair clip. When I get Gold (someday, in my 70's) I'll go with diamonds like her's.

Adults show sophistication
Kid skater's have obsessions with clothes (all hail Chole Noel and that yoga place) but adult figure skaters seem to have a sense of dressing up for the sport. Even many of the male skaters turn out well.

This is not to say I've seen adult skaters who just throw some stuff on (well, most of the coaches) but for those of us who skate seriously, we care how we look. It's not as if dressing better will make us skate better, but dressing like a slob seems to reflect an attitude of lack of care.

I'm not the only one who feels like this. The Silver and above skaters and I are always scoping out each others' practice gear. 

For me it means a jacket and shirt that go together, earrings, and a hair clip that go with what I'm wearing. If I had better legs I'd wear a skating skirt, but the world has been saved from the sight of my legs by nice black slacks.
If I wore a skirt to skate in.
I like men who wear black slacks and  a nice fitting (not necessarily tight, but if he's got the muscles for it, go for it) long sleeved athletic shirt. If a man wears a ratty T-shirt I just want to shake him. Black jackets on men, fine. If he wants to wear red (so Johnny Weir), I'm okay with it. Also, blue, orange, and any other color in an NFL team emblem. So even pink is okay.   

The one thing I want to warn people against, is no mater how fit you are; No matter how skinny you are; no matter how heavy the material is, if you wear light colored yoga pants under the bright lights of the rink everyone will be able to see the pockmarks of your cellulite from 40 feet away.

No White Yoga Pants


  1. There is another reason to dress properly for skating--your coach needs to see your body line. Floppy clothing hides poor posture and alignment; the coach cannot do his job fully if he doesn't see your body well enough to make the necessary corrections. You cheat yourself out of the full potential of coaching and your lesson by not dressing yourself properly for skating. I got over my hang-ups and now wear a skating skirt after the coach had had enough and pleaded with me to please wear something more form-fitting so he could actually see a body. And guess what? I actually prefer the skirt!

  2. Great post! I always wear a dress or skirt. It just makes me feel more like a skater. I think I would feel too exposed in tight leggings or pants, and I don't want to catch pants in my blades. I try to color-coordinate my gloves to my dress, and I choose a jacket that best goes with the outfit as well. I don't usually wear jewelry - sometimes earrings snag on my jacket collars, and I don't want the distraction.

    Hope you're back on the ice soon.

  3. I've seen what I wear evolve over time. When I began adult classes, I wore a super comfortable pair of jeans but when those wore out, I didn't find any others that seemed to have enough give in the knees for comfort (not sure if it was the pants or if I was aiming for more knee bend at that point. I then moved to black yoga pants with a boot cut fit, t-shirt and fleece jacket. Then I start reading posts on skate forums that included references to catching yoga pants in the skate blade which worried me. Now, I've moved onto leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts. Our rink sells show shirts which work well for this purpose and I enjoy having the shirts but wouldn't wear them to work, etc. I went through a phase where I always wore a skirt over the leggings (tennis skirt I think) but I skip that now. I\