Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back to LTS

The skating director charged at me like a tornado. "I was so happy I saw your name on the sign up sheet!" she exclaimed.

Wait. What? The skating director knows my name? When did that happen?

"So," she continued, "I put you in Freestyle 2. I think you'll have fun there!"

"Freestyle 2?"

I said, "I was thinking more like Basic 5."

She pats me on the shoulder, "You can do what you want, but I think you'll have fun in freestyle 2."

So the Freestyle section is 5 women from Freestyle 1-5. Gold Skater, Miss Cheerleader, Lady Bunhead,  and a woman I don't know, plus me. It turns out Gold Skater, Miss Cheerleader and Lady Bunhead don't want to graduate (Lady Bunhead is a junior coach). So it's 3 women working on their axels and two working on spins.

I look over at the Adult Basic section. There's about 20 people in Basic 1-8 and three coaches. It looks like a goat rope at the other end of the rink.

So, yeah, I'm staying in Freestyle. I told the Freestyle coach that if she can get me to do one foot backspins by the end of the session I'll consider it money well spent.

First session, I got 4 revolutions of one foot back spins.. . one revolution at a time. On average that's 1 decent revolution every 10 attempts! 

Sadly, my spin entrance is pretty much like this!


  1. You got promoted to FS2? Awesome! I am sure the other skaters in your class love having you around!

    1. Gold Skater, Miss Cheerleader and Lady Bunhead are always supportive and happy to see me. I'm feel like the luckiest adult low level skater in the world to be at this rink, where there are such wonderful high level skaters!

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I wish there were still a place for me in group lessons as an adult skater. The group camaraderie is so much fun!