Monday, April 6, 2015

The Floppy Doll Turn

Let's say I'm doing 5 step mohawks. Stroke outside forward. Stroke inside forward. Do a Mohawk. Stroke backwards.....

Then I bend over like a floppy rag doll and can't do a decent step forward!

Instead, I'm the hunchback of Notre Dame going backwards and as I turn forward I have to step well outside the circle onto my free foot and curve back onto the circle.

Yes, I should be able to do this by now. And I can, if it's a step forward from a back crossover, a step forward coming out of a back spin, or a step forward coming out of a FO3 turn.

From a mohawk?  I gots nozzink!

"See that poor fellow, Watson? I deduce by the twist in his lower spine
and the wear on his right blade, that he cannot do a turn forward
from an back edge coming out of an inside mohawk"

"Shame, shame" said Watson.

Geeze, how I feel....


  1. On the 5-step Mohawk sequence, don't you step onto a BO edge after you execute the Mohawk and then step forward from there into the slide step?

    1. You're right! I'm not a very good describer of the 5 step mohawk. I must be too traumatized! :-)

  2. After the initial Mohawk (steps 1 & 2) there are two back outside edges (steps 3 & 4) and then the slip step (a forward inside edge). The sequence then repeats with the mirror image Mohawk entered on the opposite foot. I have trouble with that slip step. I want to turn it into an outside edge (like a Choctaw). The sequence, as drawn in the USFSA's diagram, also starts off with the CCW Mohawk--my weak direction! Things for me go pear shaped soon after that...

    1. I think there's only one. Starting from the beginning, the five-step sequence is as follows: 1 FI 2 BI (these two steps are the Mohawk) 3 BO 4 step forward 5 slip step.