Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gold Skater Gets Ready for High Altitude Adult Nationals

Gold Skater from my rink was telling me about her program for Adult Nationals. Then she said, "You know it's in the mountains, the altitude is going to kill me!"

I nodded, glad that I would be at sea level.

She added, "So my coach told me that to get prepared I need to skate practices with a surgical mask on."

Okay. I can help with that!

Which would you wear on Freestyle?

This one?
Or this?

I prefer this!

You're going to be breathing hard
So be ready to gasp for air.
And you're going to be in pain
You might as well have a pill ready!


  1. I think she should skate with a Darth Vader mask and go to the judges... "Luuuuke. I am your father." Tell her to change her music to Star Wars too!

    1. Poor little Gold Skater will be breathing like this!

  2. Interesting strategy! I'm going to ANs and am a little concerned about the altitude, too. Luckily, I got to skate in Colorado Springs last summer, so I at least have a preview of what it feels like. I booked my travel to maximize my time out there before I compete. Supposedly, though, you jump higher at altitude!