Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cone Radar

Whenever Miss Bianca has me working on back edges, she has me start at one dot in the corner and work to the other dot down the line of the rink.

You know what happens when you're working down the line? The rink cone gets in your way.

On purpose!

"I'm going to eat your skate!"

Today Miss Bianca wanted me to work on power threes. FO3, turn, back cross, back edge, turn forward, do over.

I get within 5 feet of a cone and my spidey sense--my cone-dar--goes off. I grind to a stop.

"You're supposed to be skating all the way to the other corner." Miss Bianca says.

"But...but...the cones," I wail. "They're always there, in my path...."

My coach sees a cone. I see this...

I'd love to skate around them, backwards, but I seem to be drawn to them.Cones have gravity. Like  a black hole, they pull me in. If  I don't stop I'll end up in the orange cone dimension like this poor skater.

Cone Gravity!
Yeah, you can get sucked right in to the Cone Zone!

Stay clear of the Cones! They're Evil!

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