Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Show Stop

As I'm skating some power thing, Miss Bianca's voice snaps out of the icy wilderness, "GOOD STOP!"

My first coach taught me how to to a 'show stop' and I lay that thing down like an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Oh, you say, anyone can do a T-stop.

I'm not talking about a T-stop, I'm talking about a show stop.

A show stop is this:

T-Stop  With
Erect Posture, Then
Ends with
Tits and Teeth!

Back in my 30's with a good bra, I could do this picture.

Miss Bianca say, "If you do a stop like that you can get away with murder in a comp. End with a classy show stop and you look matter what you did...a show stop says "I MEANT to do that!"

And if you really don't want to say "Tits and teeth" give the audience "The Girls and Pearls"!

Just try to smile! No matter how many times you fell!


  1. Babbette: I'm a little confused by your nomenclature. To me a "show stop" is analogous to a "Tango stop"; ie: the braking blade is placed in front of the skating foot while in the case of the T-Stop, regardless of whether or not it's, um, "showy" is a stop wherein the braking blade is behind the skating foot. Mais oui? I can T-stop, especially if the right blade is the brake, with the best of them. But the Show Stop, aka Tango Stop? Sadly not yet in my tool kit.

    1. Well, a tango stop is a tango stop. To be a show stop, yes you're right it has to be a show(y) stop! Tango or T-stop, chest out , big smile, good posture!

  2. "Tits and teeth!" I'm soooo practicing this!