Sunday, March 22, 2015

Figure Skating Torture of the Damned--Check Please

Every muscle in my body below the waist is now wailing at me like a soccer player who has been accidentally touched by the little pinky of an opponent.

Miss Bianca decided to fix my non-existant three turn checks.

This involves half the lesson working on back edges half way round the hockey circle. I tense up as I try to : get my hips, back, knee, free foot aligned, and pull in my stomach.

It's amazing that I can hold my breath for as long as I do when I'm doing a back edge.

The rest of the lesson is three turn into the check. We have now identified more issues.

Three turn checking has now turned into the Neverending Story.

This part of the Neverending Story.
Not the happy part at the end.

 On the other hand, when Miss Bianca asked me to do some step behinds, I laid those things down like Fred Astaire. 

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  1. Ha ha! In last week's lesson I was in the middle of my approximation of a back edge and coach suddenly said, "You can breathe, you know." So many things to remember at the same time!