Saturday, September 20, 2014

When Superfitting Boots Isn't the Long Term Answer

I loved my new full custom Harlicks. Things I had trouble with for years, these boots allowed me to learn in minutes. Sadly, the right boot was too wide in the forefoot and heel.

However, although I was able to superfit the right boot so it  fit, after a week at Lake Placid I knew that once I broke it in, there would be no where to go once the leather broke in. So sadly, I went back to my fitter, he remeasured my feet and sent the boots back to Harlick's so they can replace (not just rebuild) the right boot.

You're wondering what I had to do to get the right boot to fit. Here it is.

This is how I layered my insoles from
top to bottom.
The foam compressed so it wasn't as deep as it appears.
The foam was good for keeping the boot comfortable, and
it was easy to cut.
Plus a gel tube.
I know this looks daunting, but it made THE BOOT FIT! And it was amazing to skate in. But as we all know, as the skates broke in, I would have had no way to make it fit, so back to Harlick's it went (along with the perfect left boot because that's what Harlick requires).

So, what am I skating in now? An old pair of Harlicks that I had lying around. They were too stiff for me when I bought them and now are too narrow. I'll superfit them by cutting the forefoot open, and doing some other things to the toebox make room for the big toe on my left foot.  I handled the stiffness by skipping the eyelet at the ankle, so it's just like having a flex notch.

I skated in the old Harlicks today and lasted 45 minutes...yeah, way too narrow, but I was doing bunny hops and spins. It's just that my feet hurt so much I couldn't stay on the ice, but I could skate just fine.

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