Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Language of Skating

A  non-skating friend asks you "So what'd you do yesterday?"

You say:
"I was in program on freestyle when this kid kept getting in my way. I was wearing the belt and everything, and my music was playing! She wasn't even looking but would just stop in front of me to practice a backspin during my jump approaches.  It happened 3 times during my program until my coach went to her coach to get her to stop and the music monitor gave me a do over. I'm also flutzing so bad my coach is thinking of dropping that from my program."

What your friend hears...


  1. Too much information Babbette. Kinda like when I meet people and they say "Hi, howyadoin?" I remind myself that they're really not all that interested in my current state. Just a simple indication (a grunt works well in this regard) that I'm still breathing is sufficient to satisfy their immediate curiosity. The second part of today's post is all about jargon. Ramsey Lewis loves jargon, hell, we all love jargon! It shapes our tribes and clans. It defines who's in with the in-crowd. As Cheech and Chong remind us, skating teams and motorcyclists are all about togetherness: "It's not a gang, man--it's a club!"

    1. You summarized the intent of the post almost perfectly.

  2. What? I didn't get a 6.0? Were the deductions for technical merit or presentation???!