Friday, September 12, 2014

Bunny Hops

I have a Bunny Hop!

I'm taking a poll.

When I tell you that I finally have learned how to Bunny Hop, which image do you want to see that represents your feelings to that:

a. Bored Man Yawning "I can do that"

B. Adorable Fluffy Bunny Yawning "I can do that"

C. OMG!!!! You can do a Bunny Hop! Those things are scary as crap!

Anyway, with the new boots I finally had enough support from the extra wide tongue to do things I never could before.  It took a coach about ten minutes to teach me, then I did bunny hops around the rink.

The next day I had bunny butt. All those hops can really make a girl sore!


  1. C! Definitely C. Prince George is the best.

  2. bunny hop is the scariest figure skating jump.

  3. I'm working on flip and lutz but still cannot do a bunny hop. It is definitely the scariest!

  4. Tempted as I am to choose the Stupid Prince George picture, I'm going with B as the the bunny is cute! Bunny Hop is also the only jump I can do, and as I've never taken a fall on one, don't find them particularly scary (i.e. no more than anything else!).

  5. Definitely C! I did a complete swan dive doing one in Feb and knocked all the wind out of me so bad I couldn't talk and let people know I was ok (and I really wasn't). Another friend fell on one and broke her humerus and was off ice for 5 months.

  6. I have my jumps through flip and lutz but I agree that bunny hops remain a little scary!

  7. I learned a bunny hop on the wrong foot, so it has to be C.

  8. I'm the yawning bunny just because I love bunnies.