Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back In Group Class.1 (Updated)

I've restarted taking mid-week group class to put some hours on my skates and build up my leg strength. An hour an a half of HALF ICE public, followed by 30 min of beginner dance, and 30 min of Adult Basic Six.

Shall I tell you the living hell of skating for an hour and a half on HALF ICE public?  And they charge us FULL PRICE FOR HALF ICE! I'd really, really like to express my attitude to rink management about this gigantic rip-off.

So after that, all the adult LTS (about 50 people) are crowded into a half ice, while LTP with about 10 people takes up the other half. Meanwhile the people in LTS Adult 2 keep skating backwards without looking behind them....right at me. I mean it must be wonderful to be so clueless that you skate backwards without looking behind you.

But fortunately, we're widely separated from the Adult Basic 1 class. Over there it's all like this:

I am humbled though by the fact than in a few months most of these people will be skating better than I am.


  1. When I took that adult dancing class, they gave us one hockey circle. ONE. Unreal. There was no way I could squeeze the Dutch Waltz into one hockey circle. My coach kept yelling, don't push! *grumble*

  2. Who are the fools who are creating these schedules? LTS on 1/2 ice? (Don't even know what LTP is, but...) And the comment from the other skater with the Dutch Waltz on one hockey circle?? Insane!!

    1. LTP is Learn to Play, USFSA's answer to teaching little boys to do stops, go forward, backwards, and do crossovers for hockey. I'm surprised to see a lot of little girls out there too.

    2. Recently overhearing a parent talking to a little girl about hockey, parent said "You can get a scholarship to college with hockey, not with that stupid figure skating." Parent was her dad.

  3. WOWWWWWW Babbette, I have been cracking up over your blog for weeks now (I think I have pretty much read the whole thing) imagining you in some distant anonymous ice rink and now reading this post is making me think you are actually in my new ice dance class. I am the worst one in the class, just passed Adult 3 in December and I am in an Adult 4 group next to the Adult 6 group. Crazy! Love your blog!