Saturday, July 14, 2012

Final Rundown to the Canasta Tango

One of my many, many skating nemesis is back edges in waltz hold. There's a trick to getting a curve in the turn that I wasn't able to master until this week. In previous posts I explained how Dance Coach would use his right hand on my back to turn me like a side of beef, because I simply couldn't get my leg-body coordination to work.

Then this week, I was able to turn my upper shoulders, while holding my obliques and transverse abdominals strong. This puts some curve in the edge. After a  backwards set of edges in waltz hold while skating through the scary crowds at public, I said, "I can feel I've finally got the back edges down don't I? You're not turning me. I'm skating it myself."

Dance Coach towers over me. "That's very good. You are able to tell what your partner is doing."

I beam up at him in return, happy with the compliment. "I used to show horses. I'm used to feeling what a horse is doing, and they can't talk to me. Same thing in dance."

I can see a twinkle in Dance Coach's eye. "So you compare me to  a horse?"

I missed an opportunity to score major points with Dance Coach. I really, really should have said, "You are a stud."  You know, I'm kicking myself right now. Instead I muttered something about horses and balance.

We ran through Canasta Tango in the usual Canasta Tango Obstacle Course. Bad weather outside so people came to the rink for public. Let's just say I'm getting really good at skating around people. When we come out of the second pattern with the presentation glide, Dance Coach says, "You are not skating with Tango Expression. Head up, chest out. You don't need to smile, is Tango, but you need to keep your head up." He demonstrates so that he looks like he owns the ice. That all eyes must be on him.

"Right, right," I said, "I need to skate like a slut. Chest out, head up." Dance Coach remembers this comment from a few weeks ago and rolls his eyes.  We do the Tango again, and I get a pat on the back for my 'expression'. Then I tell him, "I've ordered a dress for the test."
Free Flo Ballroom Dress by Bodywrappers
Mr. Authoritarian rises to the surface. "I must approve the dress. Do you have a picture?"

"I'll send you one. I'll put some red lace at the neckline. Make it all tango hot."

Dance Coach makes one of his dry jokes, "Oh, yes. If there is a male judge, you must flirt with him."

Next time round the pattern, I give the imaginary judge in the hockey box a wink and an air kiss.

It was just a bonus that the box was occupied by 13 year old boys. They stayed well away from me for the rest of the lesson.

Aaaargh!!! That old lady air kissed me! Aauuuggghhh!


  1. I like that dress - and have attached a black leotard to it at the seam that runs under the bust.

  2. I plan to just wear some dance shorts underneath. I'm too lazy to sew anything.