Thursday, March 15, 2012

Off-Ice Fitness DVD's

I have a bunch of fitness DVDS. I loan these out to friends, and get comments back, and I have my favorites too. Here's some that are popular.  I think each of these is good for off-ice exercise.

Cathe' Friedrich's Travel Fit

This has been a consistent favorite of all the advanced exercisers who borrow it. Uses a stretchy band, and you'll need gloves too as the holds on the bands can be demanding. Lots of innovative use of the band to get to muscles you hardly seem to use. Works the entire body. Designed to be used in a confined space like a hotel room, but that doesn't matter, it's efficient and challenging.

Heart of Pilates: Pilaites with an Exercise Band by Kj Luker

This DVD is another band video. Uniquely it has exercises for the ankles and feet.  The first time I did it, I was surprised by how stiff my ankles were. The second time, I could see how I'd improved. Now it's a regular video in rotation. I just do the first section, the second one's a waste. You will have trouble finding this video. Once you've done it a couple of times and learned the moves, just turn off the audio and put on some music of your choice. Kj Luker saying "Yummy"gets old. (BTW it appears to be out of print)

Strong Knees by Chantal Donnelly

This may be a little old lady for some of you, but it has some wonderful exercises to rehabilitate and strengthen your knees. The only trick is to not hit "Play" to run the video. Instead in the Main Menu select the Extras section. There you'll be able to set the exercises in the order you want. This video has a nice leg stretch at the end. It is the best leg stretch I've ever done. 

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  1. Hi Babette, glad to see a Cathe Friedrich video on your list-- she is on my short list of all-time favorite exercise DVD instructors. Thanks for replying to my comment on Pilates. The bottom line really is to find anything and everything that makes you just do it! Pilates and skating are the latest in my long line of "Move It or Lose It" activities, and by far the most fun, challenging, and mentally engaging. I will be testing Bronze MIF in June and am concurrently learning the Silver patterns, and am anxiously awaiting the moment when my coach starts me on Dance. As he was born the year I graduated high school, we will most likely look like Lamb and Mutton out there! And while I can't wait for Dance, the thought of wearing a skating dress for the dance tests is sending shivers of fear through me. Guess I really need to Move it to Lose It to prepare for THAT!