Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bully Beater

Dance Coach had a group lesson before mine some weeks ago, and it's instructive. He has a young male student, maybe 13 (?). It's hard for me to tell now a days. I've seen this boy being coached by Dance Coach occasionally. You hear horror stories of boy skaters who have been bullied, but this kid seems to have found a way around it.

He brought two tough looking guys his own age to the rink, and arranged a group lesson with Dance Coach. And he videoed it. I never saw the video, but as I skated around I got a grasp of what Coach's student was doing. He was letting Dance Coach teach the lesson, while he just ran the video. He didn't show off his skating, instead he was helping his friends up when they fell, and having a good time. By the end of the lesson the new boys were stroking around and I think one of them could do a 2 foot turn.

As an anti-bullying strategy this was superb. He got the guys to skate (in hockey skates). Since I was standing talking to Coach as they left, I heard them tell Coach they were going to edit it and put it on Facebook. Smart kid, I bet he'll make everyone look good.

After they passed into the lobby, I casually asked, "How's he doing? Have all his doubles yet?"

Dance Coach was gruff, "He doesn't have all his singles yet."

(As for me, I'll settle for all my half jumps.)

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